Outdoor Activities Centre

We are here to enable staff and students of the University of Bradford and Bradford College to cycle more as part of their everyday lives. Cycling is not only an environmentally-friendly way to travel, getting active is good for your mind and body. Whether it is affordable bike hire, advice, road safety training or access to specialist workshop tools, we are here to help. We also offer many varied volunteering roles. If you are a cycling enthusiast, or are just keen to learn more, we have options to go on specialist training courses such as bike maintenance and cycle instructor training.

Route 101

Green Routes are lunchtime stress buster walks aiming to get you out and into the fresh air for some gently exercise, and a much needed screen break!

Weekly led walks! 

We believe that walking is an effective and cheap way of travel. Walking has also been proven to increase concentration, cognitive function and abstract reasoning. So a short walk everyday will help you complete your daily task with ease. Walking has it’s own health benefits as gentle exercise is seen to boost your metabolism leading to weight loss and it helps keep your body and mind fit.